Notes for Contributors



1. ANDRZEJ SIOMA: Assessment of wood surface defects based on 3D image analysis
2. MIROSLAV GAŠPARÍK, MILAN GAFF: The influence of cyclic stress on the attenuation rate of deflection of solid wood and laminated wood
3. RÓGER MOYA, ALEXANDER BERROCAL: Evaluation of biodeterioration and the dynamic modulus of elasticity of wood in ten fast-growing tropical species in Costa Rica exposed to field testing
4. HÁZ ALEŠ, JABLONSKÝ MICHAL, DUBINYOVÁ LENKA, SLÁDKOVÁ ALEXANDRA, ŠURINA IGOR: Thermal properties and size distribution of lignins precipitated with sulphuric acid
5. ŠTEFAN BARCÍK, MIROSLAV GAŠPARÍK, EVGENY Y. RAZUMOV: Effect of thermal modification on the colour changes of oak wood
6. SELIM DEGIRMENTEPE, ERGUN BAYSAL, HILMI TOKER, TURKAY TURKOGLU: Some properties of turkish sweetgum balsam (Styrax liquidus) impregnated oriental beech wood. Part I: Physical properties
7. PIOTR MAŃKOWSKI, BOGUSŁAW ANDRES: Compressive strength of wood Pinus sylvestris decayed by Coniophora puteana fungi and reinforced with paraloid B-72
8. FEDYUKOV VLADIMIR ILICH, SALDAEVA EKATERINA YUREVNA, TSVETKOVA EKATERINA MIKHAILOVNA, SHURGIN A.: Theoretical studies and measurements of elastic - acoustic performance of wood with different methods for selection of resonant growing crop
9. Wang Kun , Shen Qi, Wang Cheng , Liu Chunjie : Influence of pneumatic pressure on delamination factor of drilling medium density fiberboard
10. Vladimír Ihnát , Vlastimil Bor ůvka , Marian Babiak , Henrich Lübke , Jiří Schwartz : Straw pulp as a secondary lignocellulosic raw material and its impact on properties of insulating fiberboards. Part III. Preparation of insulating fiberboards from separately milled lignocellulosic raw materials
11. Mária Fišerová , Juraj Gigac : Bleached kraft pulp from pre-extracted beech wood
12. LUZ ELENA A. ÁVILA-CALDERÓN, JOSÉ G. RUTIAGA-QUIÑONES: Wood chemical components of three species from a medium deciduous forest
13. Wenbo Zhang : Leachability of boron from trimethyl borate (TMB)/poplar wood composites prepared by solgel process
14. JAN PĚNČÍK: Analysis of support of stairs in a wooden prefabricated staircase with one-sided suspended stairs made from scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) with the use of experimental tests and numerical analyses
15. ANDREA SUJOVÁ, PETRA HLAVÁČKOVÁ, KATARÍNA MARCINEKOVÁ: Measuring the impact of foreign trade on performance growth of the wood processing industry
16. VASILE RĂZVAN CÂMPU, RADU DUMITRACHE, STELIAN ALEXANDRU BORZ, ADRIAN IOAN TIMOFTE: The impact of log length on the conversion factor of stacked wood to solid content es


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