Notes for Contributors



1. LI MIN PENG, DONG WANG, FENG FU, BO QI SONG: Analysis of wood pore characteristics with mercury intrusion porosimetry and X-ray micro- computed tomography
2. FIDAH ABDELWAHED, RAHOUTI MOHAMED, KABOUCHI BOUSSELHAM, ZIANI MOHSINE, EL BOUHTOURY-CHARRIER FATIMA, FAMIRI ABDERRAHIM: Natural durability of Tetraclinis articulata (Vahl) masters woods against wood decay fungi: Laboratory test
3. PATRICIA GASCON-GARRIDO, HOLGER MILITZ, CARSTEN MAI, MARIEFRANCE THEVENON: Enhanced termite resistance of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) solid wood by phenolformaldehyde treatment
4. HILMI TOKER, TURKAY TURKOGLU, ERGUN BAYSAL, SABAN KART, MEHMET YUKSEL, MEHMET EMIN ERGUN: Some surface properties of heat treated and natural weathered Oriental beech
5. PENG WANXI, WANG LANSHENG, LI DONGLI, SHI LIWEN, TAN YUEPING: Molecular characteristics of pharmacology woody extracts of Eucalyptus camaldulensis biomass
6. QING MA, ZIJIAN ZHAO, TIANLONG WANG, SONGLIN YI: Effects of moisture on drying rate of microexplosion-pretreated fast-growing poplar wood
7. SZABOLCS KOMAN, SANDOR FEHER: Basic density of hardwoods depending on age and site
8. EMRAH AYDIN, ERGUN BAYSAL, HILMI TOKER, TURKAY TURKOGLU, ILYAS DEVECI, AYHAN OZCIFCI, HUSEYIN PEKER: Decay resistance, physical, mechanical, and thermal properties of heated Oriental beech wood
9. Zhengbin He, Zijian Zhao, Yu Zhan, Huan Lv, Songlin Yi: Convective heat and mass transfer during vacuum drying process
10. Ján Kanócz, Viktória Bajzecerová: Timber – concrete composite elements with various composite connections. Part 3: Adhesive connection
11. Mehmet Colak, Osman Goktas, Ertan Ozen, Ibrahim Koca, Tahsin Cetin: Research on the usage of antifungal and antibacterial properties of Indigo (Indıgofera tınctorıa L.) colorant used as a wood preservative
12. RICHARD BERGEL, JOZEF VÍGLASKÝ, MARIAN JEŽO: Solar energy exploitation at sawn wood drying process within Slovakia
13. HODÁSOVÁ ĽUDMILA, JABLONSKÝ MICHAL, ŠKULCOVÁ ANDREA, HÁZ ALEŠ: Lignin, potential products and their market value
14. HACI ISMAIL KESIK, MEHMET HAKAN AKYILDIZ: Effect of the heat treatment on the adhesion strength of water based wood varnishes
15. VASILIKI DIMOU, ELIAS MILIOS: Harvest-inflicted wounds on residual trees
16. KYRIAKI GIAGLI, ONDŘEJ VETEŠKA, HANUŠ VAVRČÍK, VLADIMÍR GRYC: Monitoring of seasonal dynamics in two age-different European beech stands
17. BALÁZS BARTA, JUDIT KOVÁTS: Short note Added value among the furniture manufacturing smes


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