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WOODRESEARCH: Articles 01-16 WR2011 03

1. LADISLAV REINPRECHT: Possibilities for improvement of moisture and strength properties of decayed spruce wood with natural resins ... 285
2. FRANCISCO ARRIAGA, GUILLERMO ÍÑIGUEZ-GONZÁLES,MIGUEL ESTEBAN: Bonding shear strength in timber and GFRP glued with epoxy adhesives ... 297
3. HIROSHI YOSHIHARA: Examination of the edgewise shear modulus of wood measured by dynamic square-plate twist ... 311
4. VYGANTAS AUGUTIS, GINTAUTAS BALČIŪNAS, ANTANAS DUMČIUS, DARIUS GAILIUS: The dynamic measurement of continuous bending rigidity of curved plywood strips ... 321
5. AHMET AKSOY, MUTLU DEVECI, ERGUN BAYSAL, HILMI TOKER: Colour and gloss changes of socts pine after heat modification ... 329
6. ZDEŇKA HAVÍŘOVÁ, PAVEL KUBŮ: The effect of temperature/moisture conditions in cladding of wood-based buildings on their reliability and service life ... 337
7. RACHID BOUHDADI, MOHAMMED EL MOUSSOUITI, SIHAM BENHADI, BEATRICE GEORGE, STÉPHANE MOLINA, ANDRÉ MERLIN: Kinetic and isotherm modeling of methylene blue sorption onto kraft pulp modified by acylation ... 349
8. JURAJ GIGAC, MONIKA STANKOVSKÁ, MIROSLAVA KASAJOVÁ: Interactions between offset papers and liquids ... 363
9. MICHAL JABLONSKÝ, JANA KAZIKOVÁ: Effect of adding additives on the shape of drift spectra on the ozone bleaching ... 371
10. BOŠTJAN LESAR, ALEŠ UGOVŠEK, MIRKO KARIŽ, MILAN ŠERNEK, MIHA HUMAR, POLONCA KRALJ: Influence of boron compounds in adhesives on the bonding quality and fungicidal properties of wood ... 385
11. BOŽENA KOŠÍKOVÁ, ELENA SLÁVIKOVÁ: Use of lignin and pla as renewable additives of polypropylene films ... 393
12. RADOSŁAW MIRSKI, DOROTA DZIURKA, ADAM DERKOWSKI: Dynamics of changes in thickness of commercial OSB/3 subjected to soaking ... 403
13. MILORAD DANILOVIĆ: Study of the quality factors in the poplar plantations Populus×euramericana I-214 from the aspect of implementing national and european round wood quality standards ... 413
14. STERGIOS ADAMOPOULOS, MARINA CHAVENETIDOU, COSTAS PASSIALIS: SHORT NOTICES -Span-to-depth ratio for shear free deformations in static bending of small wood specimens ... 429
15. SŁAWOMIR KRZOSEK: SHORT NOTICES - Timber strength grading of Pinus sylvestris L. using a visual method according to polish standard PN-82/D-94021 and german standard DIN 4074 ... 435


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