Characterization of aromatic fiberboard

For use as decoration panels, wood fiber was used to prepare a new type of aromatic fiberboard using hot-press technology that mixes spices and adhesives. Experiments showed that the use of different proportions of two kinds of spices, wormwood and lavender, mixed with waterborne acrylic adhesives, had a slight influence on the curing time and viscosity of the glue. The different mixtures equally affected the physical and mechanical properties of the fiberboard and the smells similarly affected brain wave frequencies. The experimental results showed that a 20% proportion of lavender and wormwood was optimal compared with 5%, 10%, and 15%, and this amount also provided the best health-care effect. This work provides the experimental data and a theoretical basis to achieve pharmacological and health-care effects for the development of aromatic and other special kinds of fiberboard for industrial applications.