Experimental verification of the modern semi-rigid timber connections

The paper deals with theoretical and experimental research of the timber connections using modern timber connectors Rothoblaas Alumidi. These connectors allow for semi-rigid behaviour of the connections. The paper describes the theoretical background of semi-rigid connections, explains the methods used in the numerical analysis and the design of test connections. The thesis continues with the experimental verification of the designed specimens. The experimental results are compared with the numerical analysis. The findings obtained from the experiment and recommendations for practice are summarized in the conclusion.

Comparative analysis of composite timber-concrete ceiling systems

This paper compares two concepts of composite timber concrete ceilings and their uncoupled alternatives based on a parametric study by comparing the final deflections of individual variants and at the same time considering according to the ultimate limit state. It includes a comparison of coupled and uncoupled variants while maintaining the same boundary conditions as the load, the thickness of the ceiling structure and the load width. By considering other factors, we can achieve more optimal variant, thanks to more accurate consideration of the required boundary conditions such as the complexity of installation or fire resistance. The purpose of this paper is to simplify the optimal selection of the ceiling structure based on the suitability of the supporting structure.