Fiber morphology and physical properties of branch and stem wood of hawthorn (crataegus azarolus l.) grown in zagros forests

This study aims at investigating the effect of three altitude levels (below 1800 m, 1800-2000 m and above 2000 m) on the physical and biometric properties of stem-wood and branch-wood of hawthorn species. Moreover, the relationship between wood dry density and volumetric swelling, fiber length, fiber diameter, cell wall thickness were studied. Results indicated that altitude had significant effects on the dry density, volumetric swelling and fiber length of stem wood while did not significant effects on the density of branch wood. Additionally, some physical and biometric properties had relatively greater correlation coefficients in branch wood than in stem wood whereas others had higher coefficients in stem wood compared to branch wood. Deep understanding of properties this wood species will provide a fresh insight into the relationship between wood properties and environmental factors.