The potential of producing high added value structural timber from lamellae waste. Test results and analysis

The research was based on the analysis of the density, bending strength and modulus of elasticity of 100 oak lamellae generated as small-sized production waste. In this part of the study series, the test results were presented in detail and analysed, in particularly the density distribution. Correlations between some test results have been shown. The dynamic and static test results were also compared. Despite the poor quality lamellae, the average density of the sample set corresponds to literary values and the distribution of density is normal. Specimens with low density are unsuitable for further use. But the density alone cannot be used for classification. Between static and dynamic modulus of elasticity can be found a good relationship. The relationships between density and both static and dynamic modulus of elasticity of the specimens can be considered as good, too. The best correlation is in bending tests between the deflection of the specimens in the elastic range and the bending strength.