Effects of Pyrolysis process on products yield of plywood from abandoned furniture

In this paper, the plywood obtained from dismantling discarded furniture was selected as pyrolysis experimental materials. Pyrolysis was performed at a heating rate of 100°C/h, 150°C/h and 200°C/h and pyrolysis temperatures of 400°C, 500°C, and 600°C to evaluate the effects of pyrolysis process on products yield and the products features. The results show that the yield of solid products gradually decreases with the increase of pyrolysis temperature and heating rate while liquid products and non-condensing gases’ yield gradually increases. The carbon content in solid products reached 80.76 – 94.35%. Carbon content gradually decreases with pyrolysis temperature, but the proportion of C/H and C/N gradually increases. The pyrolysis solution is weakly acidic due to the adhesives in pyrolysis material.