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Regis Teixeira Mendonça, JUAN PEDRO ELISSETCHE: Variations in wood anatomy and fiber biometry of Eucalyptus globulus genotypes with different wood density
2. VLADIMÍR RAČKO, IGOR ČUNDERLÍK, MILAN SANIGA: Influence of silvicultural strategies on red heartwood occurrence in beech (preliminary study)
3. DAOCHUN QIN, HONGLING REN, LUSHENG ZHANG, ZHIQIANG LI: Enhancing enzymatic digestibility of bamboo by fungal pretreatment
4. ALEŠ ZEIDLER, PŘEMYSL ŠEDIVKA: Influence of selected factors on wood density variability in grand fir (Abies grandis /Douglas/ Lindl.)
5. AGNES KINGA BUZA, BALAZS GONCZ: Comparison of trees and NDT methods
6. THANATE RATANAWILAI, CHAYUT NUNTADUSIT, NUCHTIDA PROMTONG: Drying characteristics of rubberwood by impinging hot-air and microwave heating
7. JYRKI HYTÖNEN, JUHA NURMI: Heating value and ash content of intensively managed stands
8. BOGDAN BEDELEAN, CIPRIAN LAZARESCU, STAVROS AVRAMIDIS: Predicting RF heating rate during pasteurization of green softwoods using artificial neural networks and Monte Carlo method
9. XIAOJUN MA: Study on the pyrolysis of the cured fibers from liquefied wood (Cunninghamia lanceolata) by thermogravimetry-mass spectromery
10. ANDREJ PAŽITNÝ, ŠTEFAN BOHÁČEK, PETER MEDO, JOZEF BALBERČÁK: Application of innovative heat recovery unit in paper industry with potential utilization in wood-processing and furniture industry
11. Shihua Chen, Sijin Li, Jun Mu, Yongshun Feng: Influence of urea formaldehyde resin on the pyrolysis characteristics and gas evolution of waste mdf
12. Marija Mandic, Srdjan Svrzic, Gradimir Danon: The comparative analysis of two methods for the power consumption measurement in circular saw cutting of laminated particle board
13. MONIKA KVIETKOVÁ, ŠTEFAN BARCÍK, PATRIK ALÁČ: Impact of angle geometry of tool on granulometric composition of particles during the flat milling of thermally modified beech
14. Xiaolei Guo, Rongrong Li, Pingxiang Cao, Mats Ekevad, Luís
Cristóvão, Birger Marklund, Anders Grönlund: Effect of average chip thickness and cutting speed on cutting forces and surface roughness during peripheral up milling of wood flour/polyvinyl chloride composite
15. ZAWAWI IBRAHIM, ASTIMAR ABDUL AZIZ, RIDZUAN RAMLI, KAMARUZAMAN JUSOFF, MANSUR AHMAD, MOHD ARIFF JAMALUDIN: Effect of treatment on the oil content and surface morphology of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) empty fruit bunches (EFB) fibres
16. Deniz Aydemir, Alper Kiziltas, Gokhan Gunduz, Alper Kiziltas, Yuosoo Han, Douglas J. Gardner: Cellulosic particles filled styrene maleic anhydride thermoplastic composites


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