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WR201602: Articles 01-16 WR201602

1. XIURONG GUO, DANFENG DU, ZHANFENG QI, PENG WANG, HOSEOK SONG: Microstructure characterization of wood fiber pit adsorbing ultrafine particles emitted by diesel engine and simulation of its influence factors
2. MONIKA TEREBESYOVÁ, PAVLA RYPAROVÁ, PETR PTÁČEK, PETR KUKLÍK: Fungicide efficacy of nanofibre textiles containing chemical preservatives for protection of wooden materials – preliminary study
3. TIBERTIUS AGUS PRAYITNO, RAGIL WIDYORINI: The adhesion properties of wood preserved with natural preservatives
4. ALIREZA BASTANI, HOLGER MILITZ, STERGIOS ADAMOPOULOS, ANTI ROHUMAA: Development of bonding strength of modified birch veneers during adhesive curing
5. JURAJ GIGAC, MONIKA STANKOVSKÁ, ELENA OPÁLENÁ, ANDREJ PAŽITNÝ: The effect of pigments and binders on inkjet print quality
6. HONG YUN, KAIFU LI,*DENGYUN TU, CHUANSHUANG HU: Effect of heat treatment on bamboo fiber morphology crystallinity and mechanical properties
7. JAROSLAV SANDANUS, KRISTIÁN SÓGEL, MILOŠ SLIVANSKÝ: Results of rheological test on timber trusses
8. QING KE, LIN LIN, SHAOYU CHEN, FAN ZHANG, YACHI ZHANG: Optimization of L-shaped corner dowel joint in pine using finite element analysis with Taguchi method
9. PAOLA CETERA, LUIGI TODARO, TERESA LOVAGLIO, NICOLA MORETTI, ANGELO RITA: Steaming treatment decreases MOE and compression strength of Turkey oak wood
10. MEHMET YENIOCAK, OSMAN GOKTAS, ERTAN OZEN, AHMET GECGEL: Improving mechanical and physical properties of particleboard made from vine (Vitis vinifera L.) prunings by addition reinforcement materials
11. RONGRONG LI, XIAOLEI GUO, PINGXIANG CAO: Optimization of laser cutting parameters for recombinant bamboo based on response surface methodology
12. PIOTR MAŃKOWSKI, PAWEŁ KOZAKIEWICZ, MICHAŁ DROŻDŻEK: The selected properties of fossil oak wood from medieval burgh in Płońsk
13. CENGIZ GŰLER, HALIL IBRAHIM SAHIN, SEVCAN YENIAY: The potential for using corn stalks as a raw material for production particleboard with industrial wood chips
14. LUCIE JEZERSKA, ONDREJ ZAJONC, JAN VYLETELEK, JIRI ZEGZULKA: Mechanical material properties effect on pelletization
15. OLIVER-VILLANUEVA JOSÉ-VICENTE, GARCÍA-ANDÚJAR ENRIQUE, GASCÓN-GARRIDO PATRICIA:: Analysis of durability and dimensional stability of hydrothermal carbonized wooden pellets
16. COSMIN SPIRCHEZ, AUREL LUNGULEASA, TATIANA GRIU (DOBREV): Testing model for assessment of lignocellulose-based pellets

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