Notes for Contributors



1. JÁN KANÓCZ, VIKTÓRIA BAJZECEROVÁ: Parametrical analysis of long-term behaviour of timber – concrete composite bended elements
2. MILOSLAV NOVOTNÝ, KAREL ŠUHAJDA, JINDŘICH SOBOTKA, JAN GINTAR, EVA ŠUHAJDOVÁ, MIROSLAV MÁTL, ZDENĚK JIROUŠEK: Use of microwave radiation in building industry through application of wood element drying
3. MIROSLAV GAŠPARÍK, ŠTEFAN BARCÍK: The suitability of microwave heating from the perspective of practical use in construction and building industry
4. HANA HASNÍKOVÁ, PETR KUKLÍK: Various non-destructive methods for investigation of timber members from a historical structure
5. MILOŠ PÁNEK, LADISLAV REINPRECHT: Colour stability and surface defects of naturally aged wood treated with transparent paints for exterior constructions
6. DAVID BEČKOVSKÝ, TEREZA BEČKOVSKÁ, FRANTIŠEK VLACH, FRANTIŠEK VAJKAY: Diffusion of water vapour, monitoring and risk analysis of wooden walls
7. ANTONÍN LOKAJ, KRISTÝNA KLAJMONOVÁ: Round timber bolted joints exposed to static and dynamic loading
8. JIŘÍ PROCHÁZKA, MARTIN BÖHM, MARTIN SVITÁK: Diverse influence of user -economic aspects to truss and rafter roof systems and their comparision
9. MILAN ŠMAK, BOHUMIL STRAKA: Development of new types of timber structures based on theoretical analysis and their real behaviour
10. MAGDALÉNA DUFKOVÁ, PETR KUKLÍK: Contribution to the fire resistance of wall/ floor assemblies with gypsum plasterboard
11. VILÉM PODRÁZSKÝ, DANIEL ZAHRADNÍK, JIŘÍ REMEŠ: Potential consequences of tree species and age structure changes of forests in the Czech republic – review of forest inventory data
12. PETR AGEL, ANTONÍN LOKAJ: Semi-rigid joint of timber-concrete composite beams with steel plates and convex nails
13. RICHARD KMINIAK, MILAN GAFF: Fabrication of structural joinery items of solid wood by the mean of abrasive water jet method
14. JIŘÍ REMEŠ, ALEŠ ZEIDLER: Production potential and wood quality of Douglas fir from selected sites in the Czech republic


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